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The Modular Process

Permanent Modular Buildings offer many advantages over conventional site built buildings:  Time, for clients that require a project be completed as quickly as possible, but without a compromise quality.   Revenue, when clients can generate significant income when construction time is shorted by one half to one third the normal time frame.  Disruption to existing operations is minimized when the majority of the project is built off site in a factory then shipped to the site. Construction Quality is achieved by rigid manufacturing standards in a quality controlled environment especially suited for highly technical medical and scientific buildings. 


Medical Outpatient Building was erected in five days and completed 60 days later, fulfilling an urgent Medical Center need.
Planned expansion at the existing Medical Center, required the modular MOB to be disassembled and relocated on the other side of the campus, thus continuing to serve the Medical Centers need.
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The Modular Construction Process

Innovative design and construction features are the hall mark of H.C.CO. manufactured modular buildings. 
The fabrication process utilizes conventional construction techniques, but the building is designed to be built in transportable sections in a state of the art manufacturing facility.  All building systems; structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing along with architectural elements; walls, ceilings, casework and finishes are substantially complete in each module. While the building is being manufactured, the site is being prepared; grading, foundation, utilities, are made ready, so when the modules arrive and are set on foundation, the building is completed in a matter of weeks. This process, known as Parallel Construction, assures a savings of time in the normal construction process.

The ability to be Relocated, an added benefit to Permanent Modular Buildings.


The Green Modular Option

H.C.CO. provides an innovative green building system that can be customized to serve a broad range healthcare facility needs. Green buildings truly sustain the people within. We use only low to no VOC materials, apply superior ventilation techniques, and our building envelope helps resist any growth of mold. Through a responsible approach to the environment and our future, we consider methods that use rapidly renewable resources, such as FSC certified wood products, as well as the recycled materials content that can be found in our structural steel and carpet tiles. Green buildings offer improved energy conservation through sealed building envelopes that have improved thermal resistance and minimized outside air infiltration. The hospital grade electrical and mechanical systems can sense daylight and occupancy levels, operating efficiently to save energy and can have 90% air filtration systems. If you are seeking to meet the LEED standards set out by the U.S. Green Building Council, H.C.CO. gives you the options to achieve your goals.